OFF THE TRAX, Episode 6 — We’ve got Chix!


In our sixth installment of Off the Trax, Maria Marino joins the OTT crew and quarterbacks JJ and T to their best efforts yet. In one of our most popular segments, Tool Move or Cool Move, we discuss males gettings manis and pedis, we give our quarter-season assessments for the both Jets and Giants, and we talk Melo coming (er… staying) home. Oh, and our sound quality doesn’t suck anymore. #NewMic

Short on time? Jump the Trax to your favorite segment…
0:00 to 5:52 — Maria, Maria
5:53 to 17:00 — Vernon Teens Get Off the Trax / Cool or Tool, Part I
17:01 to 27:51 — Cool or Tool, Part II / AFC Least?
27:52 to 41:08 — Jets and Giants Grades at the Quarter Mark
41:09 to 49:53 — Jeets Says Good-Bye / A-Rod Says Hello… Again
49:54 to Close — Melo Comes Home / We Wanna Thank Ya

Schumann: Vanity, Online Dating and Slave-Morality

Blog Contributor

As of late, there has been no shortage of applications to speed up the arduous, esteem-damaging process of online dating — and certainly no shortage of lies you tell yourself after a rash of failures or no replies.

Tinder has received a lot of negative attention from mediocre-looking beta-males to the range of girls who generously describe themselves as “a few extra pounds.”

The app is shamelessly, delightfully narcissistic*, offering users a single chance to make an impression solely on superficial attractiveness, not an app for those when asked to describe their positive attributes would start with “funny/fun to be around.”  Continue reading Schumann: Vanity, Online Dating and Slave-Morality

The Story of Daddy: A Listener Profile

This is Daddy, one of Off The Trax top listeners and often referenced on air during episodes.
This is Daddy, one of Off The Trax top listeners and often referenced on air during episodes.

Name: Daddy

Aliases: Hot and Spicy Italian BMT, The Italian Stallion, The Don

Origin: Italy/”The Burg”

First Off the Trax Appearance: Episode 2

Occupation: Criminal Justice Student/Nobody really knows

Trademark: Studs, Aviators, Million Dollar Smile

Continue reading The Story of Daddy: A Listener Profile

Off The Trax, Episode 5 (9/25)

Episode 5: The Edge Returns. Off The Tracks goes back to its roots and dives into a new segment, Cool Move or Tool Move, we discuss girls’ biggest Tinder fears, we have a spontaneous play-by-play of Derek Jeter’s second-to-last at-bat at Yankee Stadium (thinking it was the last at-bat) and we end by honoring The Captain by discussing his Top 5 conquests.

Don’t have time to listen to the whole episode? Here are the time slots:
Opening Segment: 0:00 to 5:26
Cool Move or Tool Move?: 5:27 to 16:13
Tinder Fears: 16:15 to 22:36
Play-by-Play of Jeter’s 7th-inning At-Bat: 22:37 to 24:23
Derek Jeter’s Top 5 Conquests: 24:24 to 30:14

Off the Trax, Episode 4 (9/23)

In Episode 4 of Off The Trax, Ted, JJ, and Corey dive into the Jets’ awful performance against the Bears and try to figure out who exactly is to blame right now for their 1-2 start. We also try to figure out if there is anyone out there who isn’t tired of all the Derek Jeter love? Finally, we cap it off with which New York football team really owns this city right now, with special guest Andrew Trednicki. Enjoy and we will hopefully be back Thursday.

Not interested in the whole thing? Here are the time slots…
0:00 to 15:44 — Jets Talk
15:57 to 24:34 — Jeter Mania
24:35 to 34:00 — Who runs New York right now? Jets or Giants?

Off The Trax, Episode 3 (9/18)

For the first time in Off the Tracks history, Ted, JJ and Corey are all in studio together. In Episode 3, the three talk about the downfall of the Yankees and discuss who is to blame most, the bright future of the New York Mets, buying or selling certain NFL quarterbacks and finish with a conversation about the most beautiful women in sports.  Take a listen below. Continue reading Off The Trax, Episode 3 (9/18)

Off the Trax, Episode 2 (9/15)

Episode 2 is up and running, with JJ Conrad making his Off the Trax debut. Joined with him is co-host Ted Sanson, as the two break down the Jets’ Week 2 loss in Green Bay, discuss why exactly is baseball so boring now, and weekend tales of debauchery with special guest Mike Testino. Another special guest drops by as well to say hello, regarding the Jets’ sideline fiasco from Week 2. Continue reading Off the Trax, Episode 2 (9/15)