Off The Trax, Episode 5 (9/25)

Episode 5: The Edge Returns. Off The Tracks goes back to its roots and dives into a new segment, Cool Move or Tool Move, we discuss girls’ biggest Tinder fears, we have a spontaneous play-by-play of Derek Jeter’s second-to-last at-bat at Yankee Stadium (thinking it was the last at-bat) and we end by honoring The Captain by discussing his Top 5 conquests.

Don’t have time to listen to the whole episode? Here are the time slots:
Opening Segment: 0:00 to 5:26
Cool Move or Tool Move?: 5:27 to 16:13
Tinder Fears: 16:15 to 22:36
Play-by-Play of Jeter’s 7th-inning At-Bat: 22:37 to 24:23
Derek Jeter’s Top 5 Conquests: 24:24 to 30:14

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