OFF THE TRAX, Episode 6 — We’ve got Chix!


In our sixth installment of Off the Trax, Maria Marino joins the OTT crew and quarterbacks JJ and T to their best efforts yet. In one of our most popular segments, Tool Move or Cool Move, we discuss males gettings manis and pedis, we give our quarter-season assessments for the both Jets and Giants, and we talk Melo coming (er… staying) home. Oh, and our sound quality doesn’t suck anymore. #NewMic

Short on time? Jump the Trax to your favorite segment…
0:00 to 5:52 — Maria, Maria
5:53 to 17:00 — Vernon Teens Get Off the Trax / Cool or Tool, Part I
17:01 to 27:51 — Cool or Tool, Part II / AFC Least?
27:52 to 41:08 — Jets and Giants Grades at the Quarter Mark
41:09 to 49:53 — Jeets Says Good-Bye / A-Rod Says Hello… Again
49:54 to Close — Melo Comes Home / We Wanna Thank Ya

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