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The Giants come off their bye week facing a disappointing 3-4 record. To make matters worse, they will square off against the fiercest of foes in a highly touted Monday Night Football match-up, hoping to top Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

Currently sitting comfortably at 5-3 and first place of the AFC South, Luck and the Colts will visit MetLife stadium to take on Tom Coughlin’s ailing Giants squad. The Colts lead the league across the board, currently first in yards per game (452.2), second in points per game (31.2) and first in passing yards per game (336.5). While most would consider an Indianapolis victory to be all too certain, the Colts are reeling after a sobering 34-51 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 8. The Giants have a chance of making the game competitive, if they can execute in a few key areas. Continue reading DESMOND: G-MEN NEED A DIFFERENT KIND OF LUCK TO TOPPLE INDY IN MNF

Wukitsch: Week 9 NFL Spread Predictions

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Howdy everybody, happy Halloween, and most importantly: happy freakin’ Friday! The weekend is near, and you are less than 48 hours away from another full slate of NFL games. It’s a new week with new fantasy lineups, new stupid flags for bogus penalties, and new spreads to help you win, or lose, a nice wad of cash. Continue reading Wukitsch: Week 9 NFL Spread Predictions

“The Glasses Theory”

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Disclaimer: I am fully aware of the superficiality of this theory. Nothing written below is meant to be taken seriously.

When I was in first grade, in a scheme to obtain a pair of glasses, I lied to my parents and told them that I couldn’t see the classroom board clearly. As any responsible parents would do, they made me an appointment with the eye doctor.

I felt excited on the way there, knowing that I would be coming home with a shiny, new pair of glasses. To my surprise, it would not be that easy.

The doctor began his tests and the moment the puff of air hit my eyeballs; I jumped out of my seat and admitted that my eyesight was perfect. It turns out I don’t like shit touching my eyes. Continue reading “The Glasses Theory”

Egan: NBA Season Preview, Part III

Here we go again, ring that bell! It’s time for Round 3 of OTT’s NBA Season Preview.

In case you missed Parts I and II, here they are: Part I (Atlantic Division)Part II (Central Division).

This time around we will preview the Southeast division. Starting in the left corner…

If you asked me earlier in the off-season, I would have told you the Hawks pretty much stayed quiet. But then a report leaked that one of the team’s scouting reports – on Luol Deng – said, “he has a little African in him.” And the general manger – Danny Ferry – is the one who said it. Since then, the owner sold the team and Ferry has been suspended. Last season, one of the biggest weaknesses for Atlanta was its defense. They kept that in mind and that is why they signed Thabo Sefolosha and Kent Bazemore. Both players are known for their defense and that should help out the Hawks this year.

They also drafted Adrien Payne in this past years draft. Payne, at Michigan State, showed that he was an offensive force. He is a shooting big man and has possible three-point range. Not only is he able to shoot, but also has a low-post game and likes to bang on the boards. Continue reading Egan: NBA Season Preview, Part III

Blain: Jets Midseason Report — The Dark Age Has Arrived

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For the past week, I have heard the name Rich Kotite thrown around in conversation more times than I can remember since 1996 — and that is something any seasoned Jets fan could tell you is a very bad thing.

For those lucky enough to be able to claim ignorance about the above, Kotite was the head coach during the 1995-96 seasons that led the Jets to their egregious 3-13 and 1-15 records, respectively.

Now this year’s Jets team seems to be headed down the same ugly, yet not forgotten path of infamous embarrassment. Continue reading Blain: Jets Midseason Report — The Dark Age Has Arrived

Schumann: Text Her First — Part I of 3-Part Series


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In response to the 10th installment of Off The Trax podcast, the wonderful presenters debated about the ‘text back’ after an initial date. While I’m not particularly experienced in this specific interaction, as a living, breathing male with a penchant for analytical approaches to topics like this, I’d like to further explore this occurrence.

The ‘text back’ action is the equivalent of the ‘call back’ for a job you applied for — a limp-wristed attempt at receiving feedback for a performance you’re unsure of. How this process is executed can only indicate two things, both possibilities unpalatable.

First, the feedback approach. Sending a text as a follow up, offering reinforcement for everything your body language already said during the initial interaction can only serve to indicate a lack of confidence from the sender.

I had a lot of fun last night.Continue reading Schumann: Text Her First — Part I of 3-Part Series

Lucianin: Mind on My Music, Music on My Mind

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We have all been there. We’re driving in our car, sitting at our desks wasting away with our headphones on, or maybe on a run with music to pass the time.

Then, that song comes on. You know which one I’m talking about, the one that digs deep down into your subconscious (for more on psychology shit that is way past my realm of knowledge, read my boy, Rob Schumann’s columns) and digs up that unforgettable memory of the party you and your friends were at and pulled an all-nighter, just to get your short friend to a soccer game on time. Continue reading Lucianin: Mind on My Music, Music on My Mind