OFF THE TRAX, Episode 7 — Seventh Heaven

TraX1In Episode 7 of “Trax,” JJ, Ted, and Maria bash Geno and the Jets and praise Eli and the G-Men. “Cool Move or Tool Move” returns to talk “double texting,” fat guys wearing t-shirts in aqua/marine settings, and the Raiders BURYING a football. Really. Oh, and we didn’t forget about America’s original pastime (that’s baseball) and Carmelooooo Anthony. Enjoy!

Short on time? Thats okay. Jump the Trax to your favorite segment…
0:00 to 7:34 — Opening Intros/Sayreville Football Scandal
7:35 to 23:37 — Jets stay Off Trax while Giants remain On Trax
23:38 to 39:10 — Most Popular Segment: Cool Move/Tool Move
39:11 to 49:47 — On Trax/Off Trax: Phillip Rivers, Cowboys, Patriots
49:48 to End — Random Sports Topics: Clayton Kershaw Problems, David Robertson, Robinson Cano and more Melooooo

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