NEW EPISODE — OFF THE TRAX, Episode 8 — 8 is GR8!

In volume 8 of “Trax,” T battles ebola, the Sayreville saga gets REAL, Cool/Tool Move returns to talk blowing and fingering (beer pong), guys wearing white shades, and young marriage. J also relives “the catch” in YMCA SuperBowl 2, “Daddy” makes a cameo appearance and talks about his ‘Boys and we discuss Men’s Health pulling a controversial tweet regarding chicks watching sports and close with THE ROCK remaking “Baywatch.” #OTT

Short on time? Thats okay. Jump the Trax to your favorite segment…
0:00 to 7:43 
— 300! T Battles Ebola, State of OTT
7:44 to 18:13 — Sayreville redefines ‘ATM’
18:14 to 30:22 — Cool/Tool Move: Guys with white shades, J relives past Super Bowl glory and more
30:23 to 37:13 — Men’s Health Magazine pulls tweet/story on women’s sports fandom
37:14 to 43:05 — Witten greatest Cowboy ever? Off Trax! (Daddy appearance)
43:06 to 53:57 — The Rock remakes “Baywatch”

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