Rhyno: A Listener Profile

Rhyno, one of OTT’s most loyal listeners, lookin’ fresh. Notice the photobombing female in the background; Rhyno gave her the horns shortly after.

Name: Rhyno

Alias: Boots

Occupation: Accountant

Hometown: The Burg

Trademark: Immense “thunder cookies”(biceps)

Background: A lifelong friend of T and a neighbor of J, Rhyno was born sometime in the summer of 2014 at the Jersey Shore. Rhyno is a loyal listener of “Trax” and a fan of the Buffalo Bills, Yankees and Ariana Grande. Rhyno’s favorite song is “Break Free” and plays it on loop when he pregames and showers.

Staying true to his frat boy roots, Rhyno loves to party and can often be seen wearing a cutoff tee with white sunglasses (#ToolMove) Rhyno is known for the catchphrase “puke and rally.” Rhyno is a topic machine, and often texts T suggestions for ‘Cool or Tool’ in “The Group Chat.” These suggestions have earned him on-air shoutouts in multiple episodes. Although Rhyno is quite athletic, he was famously abused by T in a game of beach football and later suffered the same fate against T in a one-on-one basketball game. The game was recorded on Snap Chat by Jon Lettis, with T hitting a flurry of jumpers in Rhyno’s eye coupled with some powerful drives to the hole. Rhyno is also known for using a neck pad when he squats, as to not crush himself with the immense weight he moves.

Rhyno is frightened rather easily and does not like scary movies. Knowing this, T often plots to sneak up behind Rhyno and scare the “bejesus” out of him. Despite being a loyal member of the “Trax Pack,” Rhyno prefers listening to “Mike and Mike in the Morning.” For this reason, Daddy’s listener profile was created first.

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