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We have all been there. We’re driving in our car, sitting at our desks wasting away with our headphones on, or maybe on a run with music to pass the time.

Then, that song comes on. You know which one I’m talking about, the one that digs deep down into your subconscious (for more on psychology shit that is way past my realm of knowledge, read my boy, Rob Schumann’s columns) and digs up that unforgettable memory of the party you and your friends were at and pulled an all-nighter, just to get your short friend to a soccer game on time.

Or maybe you were at Scranton’s parade day, and you got flashbacks to kicking it on a rooftop somewhere with one of your friends. Or how about an epic house party that one of our hosts threw, we’ll call him “Fred” for now, where everyone from school showed up and it was a big ol’ awesome reunion(definitely not basing these on past events or anything like that). Or maybe it is as simple as a song that places you into a moment where your life changed forever. Whatever it is, this phenomena can be related to by all.

There is a reason behind all of this my friends.

Led Zeppelin said it best: “Good times, bad times, you know I had my share.” It is that simple, music digs at you in a way nothing else does, because it’s everywhere, and it’s all subliminal.

It could be background music at a bar, party, sporting event or driving. Unless you’re one of those freaks that doesn’t listen to music, but then again you probably wouldn’t be reading this column, you mouth breather.

Anyway, the point behind all this is that if you look at the “Good Times” in your life, you will probably be more partial to a soundtrack that played during that time, then a “Bad Time” in your life.

I have a friend, we’ll him “Rich” who listens to god awful hip hop. As a fan of real hip hop (column for that in time), I cringe whenever we’re cruising and he puts on 2 Chainz. But wait, why do I get super amped when “Back Dat Ass Up” by Juvenile comes on? It’s not any better than that vomit that 2 Chainz puts out, right? Well, because when BDAU came out, I was a junior in high school and my life was pretty sweet, so when I hear it, it brings me back to “Good Times.”

When I hear 2 Chainz piss blood through the speakers and into my ears, I think of “well fuck, I have to be at work tomorrow and do a report on a project that I could care less about.” A “Bad Time,” seeing a trend?

It is no coincidence that the hub that music activation is located is in the medial prefrontal cortex region — right behind the forehead — and one of the last areas of the brain to atrophy over the course of Alzheimer’s disease. Yes, music is stronger than Alzheimer’s.

The beauty of music is that it will always be a generational thing. Why do your parents only listen to classic rock, and think of your music as garbage? Because they hate you, and want to go back to before you were born and their lives weren’t shitty.

For me, nothing will compare to the soundtrack from about 2004-11. My life was sweet, I had a lot of fun, and me and my crew did everything together — with the soundtrack playing in the back of my head like some sort of bad movie (Good Time).

Then life happens, everyone gets older, people get jobs and move away (Bad Time). I am at a point in my life now; we’ll call it 2013-present day… where the script is being flipped, and I am entering back into “Good Time.”

I have a good job, awesome girlfriend, great friends and a cool dog. My soundtrack is getting better. However, when it comes to you, the ball is in your court which CD you decide to play. If it were me, I would make it a “Good Time.”

To keep with our current theme, I am going to do my personal favorites from my own personal Soundtrack.

* * *


The College Dropout – Kanye West

I highly doubt this album needs any synopsis. Kanye’s best work and when he was still a rapper and not, well Kanye.
Chris’ “Good Time” Association: Cruise with his boys, starting high school, introduction to high school girls, manhunt all summer long, last summer without a job. Pure gold.

* * *


“The Message” – Nas

This song is special to me in two ways. The first being a friend of mine named Alex introduced me to it in about 2001, around seventh grade. I was just getting into what real hip hop should sound like, and it doesn’t get much better than Nas. This song stuck with me as a story telling rap, with flow, and legitimate rhyming abilities. After hearing it I was hooked, and couldn’t get enough of this type of style. Second? Take a listen. You’re welcome.

* * *


None. I’m pretty sure at this point in my life I even liked Nickelback…. LOL, Just kidding. No one likes Nickelback. Here is the song of my youth that makes me want to punt babies: Nickelback’s “Photograph”

Until next time, Trax Pack. I’m Chris Lucianin, and this is #SoundTrax.

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