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Welcome back gambling fans. We’ve got another full slate of action for this weekend, and some more favorable lines than last week for sure. Before we start, with the recent injury to Tony Romo, how sweet would it be if the Cowboys had drafted Johnny Football? Oh man, I think Dallas would explode. Just think about it, Johnny Football handling the reigns of America’s team in Jerry World? The media universe would explode. But as it turns out, JFB is on the Browns, and for some reason may never see the field this year. Absolute bullshit. But whatever, here’s what I think about this week in football.

Pick ‘Ems

HOME team in CAPS

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-5.5) over San Francisco 49ers

In a battle of .500 teams, I’ll take the home team any day of the week. Especially when that home team happens to be the New Orleans Saints, who are nearly unstoppable in the dome. Couple that with the fact that the 49ers are reeling as of late, and have not looked like the same team we are accustomed to seeing. I see Drew Brees and crew going off in this one, as the high-powered Saints offense, 435 ypg and 28 ppg, pick apart this defense. Colin Kaepernick may be able to keep it close, considering the Saints defense ranks in the bottom third in the league in terms of overall defense, but I don’t think so. I think this 49ers team is in a lot of trouble, and Brees will find his big targets, Jimmy Graham and Marcus Colston, and put a trouncing on these 9ers behind this tremendous New Orleans home crowd. Take the Saints at home to cover the spread.

BALTIMORE RAVENS (-9.5) over Tennessee Titans

Usually I don’t like to take a team whose giving almost double-digit points. Those games are usually reserved for traps, but in this case, its because the Titans just suck. Statistically, the Ravens are better than the Titans across the board, in fact, its not even close. The Titans are starting Zach Mettenberger, who didn’t look terrible in his first game, but I would not expect a repeat performance out of him, mainly because most of his 300 yards came in garbage time minutes when the game was out of reach. The Titans seriously lack a running game, and Mettenberger is nowhere near a good enough QB to make up for the lack of production from Bishop Shanky. On the Ravens side, Joe Flacco has stolen my heart, and is looking like he did when the Birds won the Bowl a few years ago. He is going to go absolutely BONKERS against this Titans defense, which is allowing a miserable 375 ypg and 25 ppg. I foresee 5 TDS outta Flacco and this receiving core. Take the Ravens in a rout.

Pittsburgh Stealers (-4.5) over NEW YORK JETS

Whatever crazy drug Vegas is on this week, tell them I’d like some. The New York Jets are the laughing stock of the NFL. They have 1 win, no clear QB, they don’t score, and they give up a lot of points. If you have Big Ben Roethlisberger on your fantasy squad your mouth must be salivating. I really don’t care if the Jets somehow find a way to score this week, because there’s not shot their defense will stop the Steelers high-powered passing game. The Steel Curtain is averaging over 400 ypg on offense, and is scoring a mind blowing 28 ppg, ranking them 3rd in total offense. The Jets are in disarray, and this week shouldn’t change a thing. Put it all on the Steelers this week.

Not So Fast My Friend

The following games are ones I’d try and stay away from this weekend — unless you’re a complete degenerate gambler and are feeling lucky. In that case, good luck.

New York Giants (+9) at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS

If you have been following my picks for the last couple of weeks, you should know at this point that I am not high on the Seahawks. The main reason I wouldn’t take this team to cover is because they play down to their level of competition. In the past three weeks, they have not covered ONCE. Their defense is overrated, and to be honest, I think the Giants offense is underrated. Eli is still Eli, and knows how to win. For as much crap as this guy gets, he has kept this Giants team somewhat competitive, even with the loss of Salsa Man Victor Cruz. Odell Beckham is growing into a very good receiver, and Andre Williams from Boston College is turning into a force as well. I think with this nice mix of experience at QB, and youth at the skill positions the Giants have a chance here. I think this game will be a lot closer then the spread suggests, simply because the Seahawks historically do not cover. Seahawks may win it, but not by the spread. Don’t touch this one.

Feeling Lucky?

St. Louis Rams (+7) over ARIZONA CARDINALS

Listen to me right now, the St. Louis Rams WILL beat the Arizona Cardinals. This team is on the rise, and has two HUGE wins the past three weeks against very solid opponents in the 49ers and Seahawks. Look for this team to continue rolling Saturday afternoon against the Cardinals. Trust me, I have nothing against the Cardinals at all, they’re a great team, but I think this Rams team is really on the rise. Austin Davis is growing as a QB and he faces a weak secondary this week, allowing almost 290 ypg through the air. Look for Davis to get it going through the air, and for Jeff Fisher to pull out every trick in the book on the way to a HUGE upset in the NFC West. Rams are upsetting the Cards this week you heard it here first!

Well that’s all for this week folks. You got a lot of favorable lines this week, thank you Vegas, so get betting.

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