He’s the “Real Deal,” Cole Steele

Name: Cole Steele
Aliases: The Milkman, the “Real Deal”
Occupation: Tow truck driver by day/Professional wrestler by night
Trademark: Charisma, in-ring prowess, SnapChat promo ability
First appearance on OTT: Episode 12

Cole Steele was born in Bronx, NY at Yankee Stadium sometime in the spring of 2013. In one of Mariano Rivera’s final appearances as a Yank, Steele was caught on the Jumbotron headbanging to Mo’s entrance song — “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. Steele became an instant celebrity, with everyone on the 4 train recognizing his long locks and rockstar charisma and asking for photos, autographs, and Chris Farley impressions.

While he is a tow truck driver by day, Steele is best known for his reign as Tag Team Champion with Sweet T (you can find Cole’s mic shredding promos on SnapChat). Steele crushes his opponents with an array of devastating finishing moves: the Steele Chair (A submission manuever in which he sits on his opponent), the Cole Cut (uppercut to the Jaw), and the Cole Slam (body slam). Sweet T turned on Steele at SummerSlam in one of the most shocking and unprecedented heel turns in wrestling history and became Twisted T, a gimmick which failed and forced him to start a podcast (OTT).

Steele is the life of the party, and an accomplished karaoke singer and dancer. Steele is a die hard Giants fan, loves to drink milk — often by the gallon — Jager, Jameson and Ginger Ale. Cole loves Raul’s empenadas in Morristown, as you can see below.

In addition to being a rabid OTT listener, Steele is also an avid snowboarder, bodysurfer, and dirt bike rider. Cole loves women, and is known to fall HARD. But if he has too many “Jamie N Gingers,” he may forget about you entirely — just ask the drop dead gorgeous Zoe. If you catch Cole’s attention, he’ll treat you like gold and most likely give you an invitation to sit on the “Steele Chair.”

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