NEW EPISODE! OTT 15: “Since U Been Gone”

A lot has happened “Since U Been Gone.” In the first installment of Trax with the “Big 3” since November, Maria, JJ & T discuss what it’s like to be Eskimo bros, Daddy back on the market, Mets>Yanks in ’15, plus T displays his vocal talents in an awe-inspiring “Off Trax” remix of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.” The Cool/Tool segment tackles the ominous “K” text from a girl & social media etiquette post-breakup. Also discussed in OTT15 are Carmelo Anthony, Dickie V., Rex in Buffalo, Suh in MIA, & everything else we’ve missed “Since U Been Gone.” Enjoy the Show!

Short on time? Jump the Trax to your favorite segment…

Open-22:15: Where have we been? Daddy’s back on the prowl, the Super Bowl happened, and Eskimo bros prevail.

22:16-24:17: “Complicated” Remix by T

24:18-41:25: Cool Move or Tool Move (Being “K’d,” what to do on FB after a breakup, dipping your pole in the same pond)

41:26-Close: On Trax/Off Trax – we talk sports! Mets & Yanks, Suh in MIA, Melo a mistake?

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