New OTT Episode: Sweet 16

OTT has made it to the Sweet 16! (That is, our 16th episode.) The “Big 3” of Ted Sanson, JJ Conrad and Maria Marino is officially back “on Trax” and this time, Maria kicks off the show with a special announcement. Then the conversation moves to head trauma in the NFL following Chris Borland’s sudden retirement. The crew also discusses Kentucky and Duke’s prospects in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, plus our favorite sports movies, and more!

Short on time? Jump the Trax to your favorite segment…

Open-7:42: Maria reveals her next career move to the Trax Pack.

7:42-23:15: What does Chris Borland’s decision mean for the NFL’s future?

23:15-37:09: Can Duke or any other team defeat the all-mighty Kentucky for a national title?

37:09-48:23: Zack Wheeler’s injury; women in sports broadcasting

48:23-Close: The crew’s favorite sports movies; Denzel Washington vs. Tom Cruise

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