Mission Statement


“Off The Trax” is an entertaining podcast and blog that is sports-oriented but character driven. Our aim — for the podcast — is to talk sports, pop culture, and occasionally touch on mature subjects, all through the eyes of mid-20-something single guys living in Northern Jersey.

On our blog — while integrating a host of talented contributors — the goal is to offer unique insight on all the top stories to come out of the sports and entertainment world. We expect to be an ever-growing, ever-changing media outlet not afraid to continue expanding and incorporating different views, ideas and content on both our podcast and blog.Will everything work? Almost certainly not. There will be successes and there will be failures, but we will continue to keep you — the listeners and readers — in mind with everything we do. We believe in Off The Trax and we will continue experimenting with what works and continue evolving in all aspects to give you the best possible product.

Our podcast show — with hosts Ted Sanson, JJ Conrad and Corey Wagoner — offers unique and intelligent insight from independent-minded young men who love sports, women, Americana and a night on the town with the guys. We believe the three-man dynamic is a cutting-edge and refreshing take on the talk radio format that may eventually be industry standard. We believe we all bring different talents and varying levels of experience, which we think synthesize to form the ideal blend of humor, intellect and cultural awareness.

For the blog, our goal is to connect with a wide range of demographics thanks to a diverse and intelligent staff of writers, such as Rob Schumann, Darryl Blain and Maria Marino, each with their own specific niches. We will stress the importance of quality over quantity, never chasing page views, but rather looking to put out the best possible product we can.

We all have a story to tell, and our personal anecdotes and individuality will be the catalyst for driving and sustaining listenership and readership.

Off The Trax is more than a radio program, more than a blog, and more than just a flash in the pan. Through our various social media platforms and befitting use of music in our program, it is our hope we can share this vision with you and keep you entertained.

Enjoy the ride.


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