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New OTT Episode: Sweet 16

OTT has made it to the Sweet 16! (That is, our 16th episode.) The “Big 3” of Ted Sanson, JJ Conrad and Maria Marino is officially back “on Trax” and this time, Maria kicks off the show with a special announcement. Then the conversation moves to head trauma in the NFL following Chris Borland’s sudden retirement. The crew also discusses Kentucky and Duke’s prospects in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, plus our favorite sports movies, and more!

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Open-7:42: Maria reveals her next career move to the Trax Pack.

7:42-23:15: What does Chris Borland’s decision mean for the NFL’s future?

23:15-37:09: Can Duke or any other team defeat the all-mighty Kentucky for a national title?

37:09-48:23: Zack Wheeler’s injury; women in sports broadcasting

48:23-Close: The crew’s favorite sports movies; Denzel Washington vs. Tom Cruise

NEW EPISODE! OTT 15: “Since U Been Gone”

A lot has happened “Since U Been Gone.” In the first installment of Trax with the “Big 3” since November, Maria, JJ & T discuss what it’s like to be Eskimo bros, Daddy back on the market, Mets>Yanks in ’15, plus T displays his vocal talents in an awe-inspiring “Off Trax” remix of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.” The Cool/Tool segment tackles the ominous “K” text from a girl & social media etiquette post-breakup. Also discussed in OTT15 are Carmelo Anthony, Dickie V., Rex in Buffalo, Suh in MIA, & everything else we’ve missed “Since U Been Gone.” Enjoy the Show!

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Open-22:15: Where have we been? Daddy’s back on the prowl, the Super Bowl happened, and Eskimo bros prevail.

22:16-24:17: “Complicated” Remix by T

24:18-41:25: Cool Move or Tool Move (Being “K’d,” what to do on FB after a breakup, dipping your pole in the same pond)

41:26-Close: On Trax/Off Trax – we talk sports! Mets & Yanks, Suh in MIA, Melo a mistake?

Wukitsch: Week 16 NFL Spread Predictions

Blog Contributor

Welcome back football fanatics! Before I give ya’ll my predictions I just want to touch on Johnny Football’s performance last week. People are getting ready to write this guy off as a “bust” and saying he’ll never make it in the NFL. Really? The guy has made ONE start in the league, with a struggling team desperately needing a win. Will he be a great quarterback? Probably not. But are we jumping to conclusions, and writing this guy off far too soon? Absolutely. If there is a place in this league for guys like Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez, and Jimmy Clausen, then there is absolutely a place for Manziel. Oh and by the way, lets not forget about Peyton Manning’s rookie season and how poorly he performed. All right….enough defending my boy, and on to the picks for Week 16. Continue reading Wukitsch: Week 16 NFL Spread Predictions


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Move over Victor Cruz, there’s a new king of New York.

And thank God he has come to play. After missing the first four games of the season, Odell Beckham Jr. has become an explosive catalyst for the Giants’ offense, hauling in a franchise record 71 catches for 972 yards and nine touchdowns as a rookie. He’s even got his own meme, a viral response to his sensational catch against the Cowboys on Nov. 23. Continue reading DESMOND: GIANTS’ FUTURE NOT SO BLUE THANKS TO KING ODELL

Sanson: 5 Reasons Why We Don’t Want Head (ley)

Deadset Against Head

Typically, head is something we covet. It’s something we’ll pay for, beg, borrow, and steal. We fantasize about it while we twiddle our thumbs at work or sit in Rt. 46 traffic. Head is like a good pair of jeans – it goes well with almost anything.

For Yankee fans, however, “Head” is something we do not want. We avoid it like we avoided the toothless lunch lady in grammar school. We avoid it like a vampire avoids sunlight. Continue reading Sanson: 5 Reasons Why We Don’t Want Head (ley)

Adventures in Tinderland

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Our story begins a few days before New Year’s Eve, 2014. As a Jewish girl who grew up in the Christian haven that is Sussex County, it goes without saying that I am lacking in the department of Jewish friends. The week surrounding Christmas is usually quite boring for me. Everyone is busy with his or her families celebrating the baby Jesus and stuff, so I typically have a lot of time to myself. During this particular bout of me-time, I made a very important decision about my love life. Continue reading Adventures in Tinderland

Sanson: The 11 Icons of the Yankee Dynasty, Part I

Pinstriped Freak Since 1989

With New York’s Giants and Jets being a bigger embarassment than a pregnant, naked Kardashian and Derek Jeter’s magnificent playing career in the rearview, what better time to reflect on one of the most legendary dynasties in the history of American sport?

You know exactly who I’m talking about…. Continue reading Sanson: The 11 Icons of the Yankee Dynasty, Part I