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OTT West Coast: Jon Lettis


Name: Jon Lettis
Aliases: Lettis
Occupation: Sales/Cougar hunting
Trademark: Combover, huge calves, Popeye forearms, wide array of boat shoes
Lives: Across the street from some bath house in San Francisco

Jon Lettis is one of the most dedicated members of the Trax Pack and a lover of the Cool/Tool segment. Lettis is a successful businessman that lives in California, but was formerly T’s go-to wingman while living in New Jersey. Females often ask Lettis and T if they’re brothers — with T being the older, taller, better looking brother (obviously). Lettis’ ability to attract cougars, Asians, and large chested women (not all three at the same time. But wouldn’t that be something?) is widely known and respected. Despite this uncanny knack in the sack, Cole Steele and T called Lettis’ sexuality into question on more than one occasion (Episode 12) because of his love of gay bars and wineries. Continue reading OTT West Coast: Jon Lettis

He’s the “Real Deal,” Cole Steele

Name: Cole Steele
Aliases: The Milkman, the “Real Deal”
Occupation: Tow truck driver by day/Professional wrestler by night
Trademark: Charisma, in-ring prowess, SnapChat promo ability
First appearance on OTT: Episode 12

Cole Steele was born in Bronx, NY at Yankee Stadium sometime in the spring of 2013. In one of Mariano Rivera’s final appearances as a Yank, Steele was caught on the Jumbotron headbanging to Mo’s entrance song — “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. Steele became an instant celebrity, with everyone on the 4 train recognizing his long locks and rockstar charisma and asking for photos, autographs, and Chris Farley impressions. Continue reading He’s the “Real Deal,” Cole Steele

Rhyno: A Listener Profile

Rhyno, one of OTT’s most loyal listeners, lookin’ fresh. Notice the photobombing female in the background; Rhyno gave her the horns shortly after.

Name: Rhyno

Alias: Boots

Occupation: Accountant

Hometown: The Burg

Trademark: Immense “thunder cookies”(biceps)

Background: A lifelong friend of T and a neighbor of J, Rhyno was born sometime in the summer of 2014 at the Jersey Shore. Rhyno is a loyal listener of “Trax” and a fan of the Buffalo Bills, Yankees and Ariana Grande. Rhyno’s favorite song is “Break Free” and plays it on loop when he pregames and showers. Continue reading Rhyno: A Listener Profile

The Story of Daddy: A Listener Profile

This is Daddy, one of Off The Trax top listeners and often referenced on air during episodes.
This is Daddy, one of Off The Trax top listeners and often referenced on air during episodes.

Name: Daddy

Aliases: Hot and Spicy Italian BMT, The Italian Stallion, The Don

Origin: Italy/”The Burg”

First Off the Trax Appearance: Episode 2

Occupation: Criminal Justice Student/Nobody really knows

Trademark: Studs, Aviators, Million Dollar Smile

Continue reading The Story of Daddy: A Listener Profile