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New OTT Episode: Sweet 16

OTT has made it to the Sweet 16! (That is, our 16th episode.) The “Big 3” of Ted Sanson, JJ Conrad and Maria Marino is officially back “on Trax” and this time, Maria kicks off the show with a special announcement. Then the conversation moves to head trauma in the NFL following Chris Borland’s sudden retirement. The crew also discusses Kentucky and Duke’s prospects in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, plus our favorite sports movies, and more!

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Open-7:42: Maria reveals her next career move to the Trax Pack.

7:42-23:15: What does Chris Borland’s decision mean for the NFL’s future?

23:15-37:09: Can Duke or any other team defeat the all-mighty Kentucky for a national title?

37:09-48:23: Zack Wheeler’s injury; women in sports broadcasting

48:23-Close: The crew’s favorite sports movies; Denzel Washington vs. Tom Cruise

NEW EPISODE! OTT 15: “Since U Been Gone”

A lot has happened “Since U Been Gone.” In the first installment of Trax with the “Big 3” since November, Maria, JJ & T discuss what it’s like to be Eskimo bros, Daddy back on the market, Mets>Yanks in ’15, plus T displays his vocal talents in an awe-inspiring “Off Trax” remix of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.” The Cool/Tool segment tackles the ominous “K” text from a girl & social media etiquette post-breakup. Also discussed in OTT15 are Carmelo Anthony, Dickie V., Rex in Buffalo, Suh in MIA, & everything else we’ve missed “Since U Been Gone.” Enjoy the Show!

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Open-22:15: Where have we been? Daddy’s back on the prowl, the Super Bowl happened, and Eskimo bros prevail.

22:16-24:17: “Complicated” Remix by T

24:18-41:25: Cool Move or Tool Move (Being “K’d,” what to do on FB after a breakup, dipping your pole in the same pond)

41:26-Close: On Trax/Off Trax – we talk sports! Mets & Yanks, Suh in MIA, Melo a mistake?

NEW EPISODE: “Terrible Friends”

Episode 12: “Terrible Friends”

In the 12th Episode of “Off the Trax,” the lead vocalist of Terrible Friends and former college teammate of JJ — Vin Dammann — calls in to OTT to talk about the origins of his band, Philly sports, and reminisce about the college days with J. Other hot topics include the Newton PD flashing scandal, AP’s season-long suspension, and the train wreck that is the New York Giants. OTT groupie Cole Steele calls in from Cali, T talks about sticking his tongue to a stop sign, and Maria is a real kick in the balls — literally. Enjoy!

OTT11: Back On Trax!!!

After a long hiatus, we’re back “On Trax” for episode 11 as we discuss a triumphant Jet win, a deflating Giants loss, and where the hell we’ve been these past couple weeks. Cool/Tool returns to discuss Dwight Howard’s tongue game, being in a relationship during the ho-lidays, and booing your own team. Turn your headphones up and get your popcorn ready, because TRAX IS BACK!!!!

NEW EPISODE: Off The Trax, Episode 10 — Frostbitten

#OTT10: Frostbitten
After countless production delays — frostbite, ebola and flaky guests — OTT is back on “Trax” for Ep. 10. Hot topics include the GMEN losing to the ‘boys, Percy Harvin landing in NYC, JR Smith channeling his inner “worm” and OTT’s staff and listener top 10 QBs. Cool/Tool returns for another killer segment, and the gang tackles texting a girl first after a hot date, bubble bath insta pics, the Pats reliving the “Butt Fumble” and whether you can like soccer AND football. Enjoy, Trax Pack!

NEW EPISODE: Off The Trax, Episode 9 — You’re Outta Touch, I’m Outta Time

Trax keeps on rollin’ with its ninth installment as Maria, J, and T talk about the forgettable weekend for the Giants and Jets. In Cool/Tool Move, the gang tackles Red Bull getting sued for its drinkers not growing wings, guys watching “Friends,” the art of Manscaping and chivalrous moves like pulling the chair and opening the car door for a classy lady. Daddy’s ‘Boys are now the best team in the NFC, Cashman is in, Long is out in the Bronx, and Aaron Rodgers is a BAAAD man. T ends the show with a bang calling out “Brianna” for ditching him in favor of Zumba in the show’s newest segment, “You’re Outta Touch, I’m Outta Time.” Enjoy!

Short on time, that’s OK. Jump the Trax to your favorite segment:
0:00 to 6:04 — Welcome Back to Trax
6:05 to 26:55 — Giants get shutout, Jets drop fifth in a row
26:56 to 41:28 — Cool Move or Tool Move; Manscaping, Friends, Chivalry, Red Bull
41:29 to 58:34 — Daddy’s ‘Boys, Yankees Offseason, Aaron Rodgers, Cleveland Browns
58:35 to 1:03:41 — “You’re Outta Touch, I’m Outta Time.”

NEW EPISODE — OFF THE TRAX, Episode 8 — 8 is GR8!

In volume 8 of “Trax,” T battles ebola, the Sayreville saga gets REAL, Cool/Tool Move returns to talk blowing and fingering (beer pong), guys wearing white shades, and young marriage. J also relives “the catch” in YMCA SuperBowl 2, “Daddy” makes a cameo appearance and talks about his ‘Boys and we discuss Men’s Health pulling a controversial tweet regarding chicks watching sports and close with THE ROCK remaking “Baywatch.” #OTT

Short on time? Thats okay. Jump the Trax to your favorite segment…
0:00 to 7:43 
— 300! T Battles Ebola, State of OTT
7:44 to 18:13 — Sayreville redefines ‘ATM’
18:14 to 30:22 — Cool/Tool Move: Guys with white shades, J relives past Super Bowl glory and more
30:23 to 37:13 — Men’s Health Magazine pulls tweet/story on women’s sports fandom
37:14 to 43:05 — Witten greatest Cowboy ever? Off Trax! (Daddy appearance)
43:06 to 53:57 — The Rock remakes “Baywatch”