NEW EPISODE: Off The Trax, Episode 9 — You’re Outta Touch, I’m Outta Time

Trax keeps on rollin’ with its ninth installment as Maria, J, and T talk about the forgettable weekend for the Giants and Jets. In Cool/Tool Move, the gang tackles Red Bull getting sued for its drinkers not growing wings, guys watching “Friends,” the art of Manscaping and chivalrous moves like pulling the chair and opening the car door for a classy lady. Daddy’s ‘Boys are now the best team in the NFC, Cashman is in, Long is out in the Bronx, and Aaron Rodgers is a BAAAD man. T ends the show with a bang calling out “Brianna” for ditching him in favor of Zumba in the show’s newest segment, “You’re Outta Touch, I’m Outta Time.” Enjoy!

Short on time, that’s OK. Jump the Trax to your favorite segment:
0:00 to 6:04 — Welcome Back to Trax
6:05 to 26:55 — Giants get shutout, Jets drop fifth in a row
26:56 to 41:28 — Cool Move or Tool Move; Manscaping, Friends, Chivalry, Red Bull
41:29 to 58:34 — Daddy’s ‘Boys, Yankees Offseason, Aaron Rodgers, Cleveland Browns
58:35 to 1:03:41 — “You’re Outta Touch, I’m Outta Time.”

The Fantasy Report — Week 7 Talking Points

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Deep breaths, everyone. We’re a little less than halfway through most fantasy football regular seasons. Whether you’re 6-0 (God bless), 0-6 (thoughts & prayers) or anything in between, there’s a lot to talk about. Now is a good time to try and take advantage of the trade market. Some owners are likely frustrated by players they invested a lot in, so it might be time to make an offer to someone that’s desperate for change. If you’re lucky enough to have accumulated some depth, there might be some players on your roster that you could part ways with while their value is at its peak. We’ll talk about all this and more this week – let’s get started. Continue reading The Fantasy Report — Week 7 Talking Points

Egan: NBA Season Preview, Part I

Orlando Magic at New York Knicks

Welcome, Trax Pack! It’s my honor today to entertain you all… or hopefully at least one of you. In my debut on Off The Trax, this is Part I of a six-part series previewing the upcoming NBA season. In each installment, I will preview each team in each division while breaking down what to look for and expect over the next few months, while also making predictions on which 16 teams will be playoff-bound. I’ll plan for six installments, unless the showrunners deem me unentertaining. In that case, it’s been nice knowing you all.

Anyway, let’s get this show started! Continue reading Egan: NBA Season Preview, Part I

Rhyno: A Listener Profile

Rhyno, one of OTT’s most loyal listeners, lookin’ fresh. Notice the photobombing female in the background; Rhyno gave her the horns shortly after.

Name: Rhyno

Alias: Boots

Occupation: Accountant

Hometown: The Burg

Trademark: Immense “thunder cookies”(biceps)

Background: A lifelong friend of T and a neighbor of J, Rhyno was born sometime in the summer of 2014 at the Jersey Shore. Rhyno is a loyal listener of “Trax” and a fan of the Buffalo Bills, Yankees and Ariana Grande. Rhyno’s favorite song is “Break Free” and plays it on loop when he pregames and showers. Continue reading Rhyno: A Listener Profile

Blain: Broncos 31, Jets 17 — Rapid Reaction


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It was a perfect summation of the entire season all rolled into one game, as the Jets lost their fifth consecutive game to the Broncos, 31-17. Every problem the Jets have had this year was painfully exhibited at one point or another today against Peyton Manning and the Broncos. It was almost like a poetic ending to a slow train wreck. Continue reading Blain: Broncos 31, Jets 17 — Rapid Reaction

NEW EPISODE — OFF THE TRAX, Episode 8 — 8 is GR8!

In volume 8 of “Trax,” T battles ebola, the Sayreville saga gets REAL, Cool/Tool Move returns to talk blowing and fingering (beer pong), guys wearing white shades, and young marriage. J also relives “the catch” in YMCA SuperBowl 2, “Daddy” makes a cameo appearance and talks about his ‘Boys and we discuss Men’s Health pulling a controversial tweet regarding chicks watching sports and close with THE ROCK remaking “Baywatch.” #OTT

Short on time? Thats okay. Jump the Trax to your favorite segment…
0:00 to 7:43 
— 300! T Battles Ebola, State of OTT
7:44 to 18:13 — Sayreville redefines ‘ATM’
18:14 to 30:22 — Cool/Tool Move: Guys with white shades, J relives past Super Bowl glory and more
30:23 to 37:13 — Men’s Health Magazine pulls tweet/story on women’s sports fandom
37:14 to 43:05 — Witten greatest Cowboy ever? Off Trax! (Daddy appearance)
43:06 to 53:57 — The Rock remakes “Baywatch”

DESMOND: The Giants and Irish are Rolling, but which is the Real Deal?


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Somebody pinch me, because both of my football teams are rolling. October is still fresh, and there’s plenty of football to be played. Although it pains me to admit, only one of these teams can be considered the real deal at this juncture in their respective seasons.

I have had the blessed misfortune of dedicating my football fandom to two of the most painful teams in the history of the game. Sure, the Giants have two Super Bowls in the past decade, and Notre Dame inked a perfect season in 2012 before Alabama and Manti Te’o’s fictional girlfriend swooped in to steal my proverbial thunder. But, the fact remains that both teams in recent seasons have remained all talk and no punch, despite a wealth of talent on both sides of the ball. Only now has one team emerged into the spotlight, displaying some serious swagger as they head into the cutthroat portion of their season.

SPOILER ALERT: IT’S CERTAINLY NOT THE NEW YORK GIANTS.  Continue reading DESMOND: The Giants and Irish are Rolling, but which is the Real Deal?