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SANSON: The Top 7 Reasons Why T Hates the Holidays

The Grinch of OTT

Happy Monday, Trax Pack! Back to reality — the reality where your office chair is not so comfortable, your significant other is a few pounds overweight since beach season came to a screeching halt, your pumpkin spice coffee has too much pumpkin spice and not enough coffee (that’s what you get for drinking pumpkin spice coffee, dufus) and your half-special quarterback threw five interceptions yesterday in a crushing loss (but he’s got TWO Thuperbowls!).

Luckily you somehow meandered over to offthetraxradio.com, and your boy T is gonna set you straight and add some color to this melancholy and lifeless Day 1 of the struggle you call a work week. With Halloween in the rearview, Thanksgiving fast approaching and shitty Christmas music a nearly unavoidable phenomenon (we’ll get to that later), I give you the “Top 7 Reasons Why T Hates the Holidays.” Continue reading SANSON: The Top 7 Reasons Why T Hates the Holidays