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Wukitsch: Week 16 NFL Spread Predictions

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Welcome back football fanatics! Before I give ya’ll my predictions I just want to touch on Johnny Football’s performance last week. People are getting ready to write this guy off as a “bust” and saying he’ll never make it in the NFL. Really? The guy has made ONE start in the league, with a struggling team desperately needing a win. Will he be a great quarterback? Probably not. But are we jumping to conclusions, and writing this guy off far too soon? Absolutely. If there is a place in this league for guys like Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez, and Jimmy Clausen, then there is absolutely a place for Manziel. Oh and by the way, lets not forget about Peyton Manning’s rookie season and how poorly he performed. All right….enough defending my boy, and on to the picks for Week 16. Continue reading Wukitsch: Week 16 NFL Spread Predictions