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Sanson: Mark Wahlberg’s 7 Most Badass Movie Roles

OTT’s Jerk-Of-All-Trades and Wannabe Badass

While this “rapper” turned actor has never been regarded as a “thespian” with range and versatility in his roles, there’s no one in Tinseltown who can better portray an undersized, big-mouthed, shit-talking tough guy with the balls to back up his snarky, dickheaded remarks (a talent which I envy extremely). This knack has seen Wahlberg transform from pop star (did he have any hits besides “Good Vibrations”? Does it even matter?), to Calvin Klein model (dude was YOKED, no h0m0), to one of Hollywood’s top leading men with one of the most unique niches in the business.

Mark has depicted numerous testosterone-fueled, machismo characters in his career – everything from NFL player, to Navy SEAL, to meadhead, to porn star – so take a seat, pack a lipper from your Skoal tin, smoke a few Marlboro Reds and wash it all down with a cold Budweiser and prepare to be floored by some good-ole-fashioned American bad-assery. Without further ado, I bring to the Trax Pack “Mark Wahlberg’s 7 Most Badass Movie Roles.” Continue reading Sanson: Mark Wahlberg’s 7 Most Badass Movie Roles