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NEW EPISODE! OTT 15: “Since U Been Gone”

A lot has happened “Since U Been Gone.” In the first installment of Trax with the “Big 3” since November, Maria, JJ & T discuss what it’s like to be Eskimo bros, Daddy back on the market, Mets>Yanks in ’15, plus T displays his vocal talents in an awe-inspiring “Off Trax” remix of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.” The Cool/Tool segment tackles the ominous “K” text from a girl & social media etiquette post-breakup. Also discussed in OTT15 are Carmelo Anthony, Dickie V., Rex in Buffalo, Suh in MIA, & everything else we’ve missed “Since U Been Gone.” Enjoy the Show!

Short on time? Jump the Trax to your favorite segment…

Open-22:15: Where have we been? Daddy’s back on the prowl, the Super Bowl happened, and Eskimo bros prevail.

22:16-24:17: “Complicated” Remix by T

24:18-41:25: Cool Move or Tool Move (Being “K’d,” what to do on FB after a breakup, dipping your pole in the same pond)

41:26-Close: On Trax/Off Trax – we talk sports! Mets & Yanks, Suh in MIA, Melo a mistake?

Sanson: The 11 Icons of the Yankee Dynasty, Part I

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With New York’s Giants and Jets being a bigger embarassment than a pregnant, naked Kardashian and Derek Jeter’s magnificent playing career in the rearview, what better time to reflect on one of the most legendary dynasties in the history of American sport?

You know exactly who I’m talking about…. Continue reading Sanson: The 11 Icons of the Yankee Dynasty, Part I

SANSON: From Jeety to Didi – a New Shortstop Arrives in the Bronx

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One old baseball addage says chicks (and fans) dig the long ball.

Another says pitching and defense wins ballgames.

Luckily for Yankee fans, General Manager Brian Cashman is making moves with winning – and not TV ratings and ticket sales- in mind. Yesterday, Cashman made his first two moves of what will be a very busy offseason in the Bronx, trading promising young starter Shane Greene in a menage-a-trade (3-way deal) for slick-fielding 24 year-old shortstop Didi Gregorius and signing southpaw reliever Andrew Miller away from the O’s for 4 years and $36 million. Both moves are quite shrewd in my in my estimation, but first we’ll talk about Didi and what he brings to the Bronx. Continue reading SANSON: From Jeety to Didi – a New Shortstop Arrives in the Bronx