The OTT Team

TedPicTed Sanson (@ItsTtime89)
Creator of Off the Trax Radio
A longtime fan of the Yankees and Jets, Ted has been entrenched in sports talk for 20 years. A self-described underachiever, Ted’s academic career parallels that of Van Wilder (sadly without the copious amounts of ass): 7 years, 3 universities, no degree, and still looking for that “Dare to be Great” scenario. T has found that “Dare to be Great” scenario in Off the Trax, and will use his oral talents to emcee the show, as well as contribute to the show’s blog and guerrilla marketing campaign. To pay the bills and support his voracious podcast habit, he works at Ballyowen Golf Club in Hardyston, New Jersey.  In addition to sports, he enjoys hiking, lifting weights, and turning down with his homies in Morristown and the Jersey shore.  T looks forward to improving and growing the Off the Trax brand in the days, weeks, and months to come

jjpic1JJ Conrad (@JConrad_2)
On-Air Co-Host/OTT Blog Creator/Editor

A lifelong sports fan and diehard Jets fan who had season tickets from the early days of Boomer Esiason (’93) to the final days of Mark Sanchez (’13) — and was tormented by every quarterback in between. Not one to shy away from his opinion, however right or wrong it might be, JJ brings a unique dynamic to the show every episode, in addition to writing regular blog posts for Off The Trax — a blog in which he created — on all things sports. In addition to being a Jets fan, he is also a diehard Yankees fan and roots for both the Knicks and Rangers. A 2011 graduate from Pace University, JJ is currently a high school sports writer for The (Bergen) Record, while occasionally dabbling in the pro sports landscape.

Maria Marino (@mariacmarino)
On-Air Talent/Blog Contributor
Maria is a multimedia storyteller by trade and an avid sports fan. Her favorite teams include the New York Giants and Duke Blue Devils. She also loves the Knicks, Rangers, Yankees and above all else: professional beach volleyball. A former WABC-TV intern, Maria’s previous experience includes covering local sports for the New Jersey Herald and Mugs Media. She graduated with a journalism degree from Ramapo College in 2011, then became the in-house reporter for Mountain Creek and Crystal Springs Resort. Currently, Maria reports and anchors the news on WGHT radio. She also does freelance work as a videographer, editor, on-air talent, and blogger. Forever comfortable hanging with the guys, Maria brings a welcome female perspective to the “Off the Trax” party. Talking sports with her Dad and brothers for many years has been good practice, but nothing can really prepare for “Off the Trax” dialogue. Try as she might to keep the conversation in check, Maria may just find herself getting derailed.

Blain1Darryl Blain
Blog Contributor/Jets Writer
A dedicated and borderline obsessive Jets fan, Darryl has been following the ins and outs of Gang Green since his first visit to the Meadowlands in ’96. As both a very outspoken critic and enthusiast every step of the way, Darryl brings the realism and analysis every Jets fan is looking for with the twist of a fan’s perspective. He is also an avid Rangers and Yankees fan and graduate of the University of Connecticut, where he covered UConn baseball and had a bi-weekly column for the sports section of the Daily Campus. He currently works for Schindler Elevator in Manhattan, and is looking forward to regularly contributing to Off the Trax.

Schu1Rob Schumann
Blog Contributor/Author of “While You Were Asleep”
Rob’s always-entertaining column, “While You Were Asleep,” includes film and television criticism/interpretation, along with biting social commentary. Rob is a contributing author on contemporary social issues, with a powerful focus on creating doubt and delivering his readers from their logical fallacies. Gaining inspiration from Nietzsche, he likes to approach social and cultural issues and ‘Philosophize with a Hammer’. By breaking topics down to their constituent parts, he gives a better opportunity to understand the framework of the larger issues. He possesses the appearance of an individual with polymathic abilities, but as his writing intends to show you: appearances can deceive. His purpose is to take the readers’ hands and soothe them while simultaneously challenging the beliefs they hold so dear, so that maybe he can inspire the to think beyond black and white. Arrogantly assertive, wildly entertaining and provocative, Rob’s material is certainly “Off the Trax,” and definitely not for those with a weak constitution. Rob described many sources of inspiration for his writing and lists; “Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Kurt Vonnegut, Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good and Evil”, the blonde girl who plays ‘Hanna’ on Pretty Little Liars, Vicodin, ‘high lift, long duration camshafts’, and “the guy who made Brazzers.”

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